Victoria 4 Clone for Star

PLEASE NOTE: If this morph doesn’t work for you, please try updating your version of the Star figure. There was an update on 3/20/15 and it may be the cause of the problem. If you still have problems, please contact me.

A clone morph I created to allow you to use Victoria 4 clothing on Star. Like my morphs before, this one is not perfect. Something that was mentioned before, but I didn’t get to see (because I don’t own dresses for the other figures), is that when you auto-fit a dress or skirt on Star from another figure, the clothing glitches out near the crotch area. You can see this on the image with the dress. I will be providing a fix for this, and any other graphical glitches made from my clone morphs, soon.

Star figure by Littlefox:



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