News: No More Body Morphs for a While

Hello, there! Thank you for visiting my site! Since you’re on here, you’re most likely using my morphs and I hope that you’re enjoying them. The reason I’ve made these morphs is because I’m impatient, I’m a cheapskate, and I need these morphs for my own personal projects. I figured that there are many others like me who have bought Star but didn’t want to spend more on customization, so I uploaded all my morphs in order to help those people, and I’m glad to see so many people downloading them!

The reason I’m creating this post is because I have finished creating all the body morphs I needed for a while, therefore I won’t be creating any more. However, this does not mean that I’ll stop submitting new content. This only means that I’ll be going off to new frontiers, such as making texture overlays (like the Nipple overlay I made for the breast morphs). I also plan on making face morphs!

I still have 1 set of body morphs that I have planned for the future and this set will be the last set of morphs I make for Star (excluding clone morphs). I will continue to make content and I hope you put them to good use!


7 thoughts on “News: No More Body Morphs for a While

  1. I’m so happy with what you did, though. I haven’t got to try them yet because of work, but I’m sure they’re going to be fine. I’m looking forward to my own Star projects more than ever now.


    1. That’s good to hear, and I know how you feel. I work a lot and only have 3 hours of the day to work on personal projects. I was lucky recently because my schedule changed and practically had a week off.
      Also, I’ve seen some people have trouble with my morphs, which were due to a recent update with Star. If you downloaded Star before March 20th, try redownloading her and it should work.


      1. Yeah I noticed that but I got my copy of Star recently. BTW there is indeed a boyfriend for Star in the works, but by a different vendor. I forget what he’s going to be named, but it’s not a matching name like you did. I saw you named the male morph Comet and cheered. LOL.


      2. I searched it up just now and I found him. Don’t really like him as much… He looks more of a western toon character than an anime character. His name is Steele, btw.


      3. Well I certainly won’t mind him. But when it comes to my project, your male morph is going to be super useful. One of my planned characters is big, and another is short. I’m probably going to have to more their legs shorter, though!!


  2. I’m so grateful for the morphs that you’ve made and shared for Star! I’m not a wealthy person so I couldn’t afford to buy all the additional stuff for Star that I wanted to, nor do I have the technical skills or know how to create my own morphs – so you sharing these have been a MASSIVE help to me. I really appreciate your generosity in providing your great morphs to the community for free. Thank you!


  3. Aeridis, thank you for sharing your work. While I don’t use Star, I certainly appreciate your sharing things that you create with those that do. It is people like you that make the 3D community so great.


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