I am creating this blog post because there has been quite the epidemic as of late. I have been receiving a lot of messages in my inbox requesting that I do certain morphs. As stated in the title, I don’t accept requests. I have limited hours to myself, and even during those hours I may not have the desire to do even what I want, so when I see a request, I would decline. I don’t mind saying no over and over again (though I may get a little sick of it depending on the day), however, I recently received a message which led me to create this post. Our conversation can be seen below. I have removed the name of the sender as to not create any backlash, but this should get my point across.


First of all, I have received many streams of messages like this in the past, before I started making morphs for Star, so when I put my foot down when it comes to requests, I put my foot down. I may sound aggressive, but that is how I am when it comes to requests, you don’t know how many I get. Secondly, I don’t know any of you. I only know you by username or email, so I can’t judge you by how you interact IRL, but by the way you type, and by looking at the way this person types, what was I suppose to think? Writing things like, “I hope you find the need to make yourself a morph”, or “if you feel the urge to give your Comet this, this and that”… What was suppose to think? To me, it sounds like this person wants me to want these morphs. They want me to be aware of these ideas, as if I haven’t thought about them already!

You may think that I made this just to rant about this person (oh, if this were a rant, I would go on and on about the way they insulted me), but I’m using this as an example. I will NOT tolerate messages such as this. Seriously, I’m very happy that a lot of you are finding my stuff useful, and seeing all your “thank you” messages make me happy, but messages like the ones above make me really bitter, and I hope to not see more of these in the future.



  1. Hello aeridis! I do completely understand you…i have made some things for sell at renderosity…but then i was not able to do more beacuse i had health issues…i received a request for a paid item…but as you said i had not time or inspiration or power to do that request…the person inssisted and i had to be a bit harsh to make him understand….an artist had to do what he/she is inspirired to do…and can be very stressing when someone is asking for something when you stated that you do not accept requests and worst if you are making freebies.
    I like all your morphs and i am very grateful to you! Hope you do not receive more emails like this.
    Big hugs!


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