Short Hiatus… It’s for Your Own Good!

Just a few days ago, I submitted what would have been, I guess, the last set of morphs I was going to make for Star. There were still some things I need to add or fix (like some MCMs for the eye and eyebrow morphs), however, I thought about it, and I’m thinking of leaving those downloads as they are and instead recreate all the morphs!

There were quite a few mistakes I made when creating some of the morphs and I believe fixing those mistakes would be much more work than recreating the morphs. I won’t just be updating the morphs, I also plan on adding new ones into the mix! So, I will be taking a short break from submitting content in order to put up a better product. The updated morphs will be submitted as one LARGE pack.

The new morph pack will include about 150 morphs. The pack will include improved morphs, additional nipple morphs and brow morphs, the addition of an Infant morph and a new version of Comet. Once the new pack is up, I plan on cleaning up my site and clearing up the old packs, so if you want to keep them, make sure to save a download somewhere in your computer.


2 thoughts on “Short Hiatus… It’s for Your Own Good!

  1. Thanks for all you do, Aeridis! I’m really enjoying your awesome work with Star! Did you this giant morphs pack already get added? If so where could I find it? 🙂


    1. I haven’t finished the morphs, but they’re almost done. Just working on eyebrows and eyes. They’ve been pretty difficult… :\


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